About Us

Elemental Pet food, born in New Zealand after 30 years of experience in the world of pets, and later developed in Europe, the formulas are made by veterinarians experts in the United Kingdom.

Our feed is made with the innovative Freshtrusion ™ system, where all the formulas are made with up to 80% fresh meat, according to reference.

Our pet food is classified as Super Premium food, for the quality of its ingredients.

We only use regional ingredients from the UK.

Our Microbiological laboratory has ZERO tolerance with Salmonella, Ecoli and Campylobacter.

We just want to be able to provide your pets with a healthy and tasty food. We hope to be able to help them with a good diet, and thus to be able to prevent affections in your pets, that many times are produced by a lack of information or ignorance.

If you want more information or have any questions, get in touch, and we will respond with all the pleasure.

Thank you for trusting our work.

About Us

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